There are always various accidents in life, which not only affect our daily life, but also often leave some traces in history. For example, the following inventions and creations are inseparable from accidents.

Chocolate Cookie

The chocolate cookie was invented in the 1930s. The owner of a restaurant was mixing up a batch of cookies for the guests. When found out the baker had run out of chocolate, she substituted semisweet chocolate chips for the dough, hoping it would melt and be absorbed by the dough. When she took the baking sheet out of the oven, she realized she had accidentally invented "chocolate chip cookies.


When Cola was first invented, it was a potion to treat seawater. It was prepared by American pharmacist. Cocaine was extracted from the leaves and trees of the coca tree. After repeated trials, it was composed into a dark green potion that can cure seawater sickness. After it became a drink, it was toned for aesthetic reasons, leaving the appearance we see.


The invention of potato chips is closely related to a picky person. In the spring of 1853, a chef deliberately made the potato chips very thin and crispy in order to teach the picky guest a lesson. However, it not only failed to embarrass the guest, but also unexpectedly became popular with a large number of people. The chef eventually added the dish to the menu.